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Chesapeake Chapter, U.S. Lighthouse Society
Link: Chesapeake Chapter, U.S. Lighthouse Society Website
Helpful website with information about all the lighthouses in the Chesapeake Bay area. They also sponsor the Maryland Lighthouse Challenge, a weekend that celebrates the lighthouses of Maryland.
Chesapeake Lights
Link: Chesapeake Lights Website
Offering lighthouse tours throughout the Chesapeake Bay, from two hours to two days.
Dorchester County Tourism
Link: Dorchester County Tourism Website
Includes info for visitors, lodging and dining listings, outdoor opportunities, and more.
Sawyer Charters
Link: Sawyer Charters Website
Take a narrated lighthouse cruise with this Dorchester County company based on Hoopers Island.
The Lighthouse Hunters
Link: The Lighthouse Hunters Website
Christine and Tommy Cardaci have photographed more than 1,200 lighthouses in the United States and Canada. Browse their photos.
U.S. Coast Guard: Interesting Facts About Lighthouses
Link: U.S. Coast Guard Lighthouse Facts Website
U.S. Coast Guard: Overall History of Lighthouses
Link: U.S. Coast Guard History of Lighthouses
U.S. Lighthouse Depot
Link: U.S. Lighthouse Depot
View the descriptive page on the Choptank River Lighthouse.
U.S. Lighthouse Society
Link: U.S. Lighthouse Society Website
Informative website for all lighthouse fans. Includes information on lighthouse tours, a magazine, and more.
1 - 9 of 9 Listings